Monday, July 21, 2008

The happiest day.. to date

Assalamualaikum wbt.

For the past 12 weeks, I've missed my monthly periods, feeling nauseated almost every hour, having disturbed good night sleeps due to back pain and sensitive bladder. Yes, I'm pregnant! Alhamdulillah (Praise to Allah). Today, I had my 1st scan (dating scan to determine the Expected Delivery Date-EDD), and it was so overwhelming. We're both very happy, and words can't describe our feelings right now. We're praying for the best, for our child to be healthy, physically and mentally (AMIN).

Ibu and Ayah love you so much!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

My all-time favourite Asian love story

I found this video from YouTube (you can find almost anything from YouTube nowadays). Really brought me back to my teenage years in STF; waiting for the bell to ring at 4.00pm everyday just to make it on time to watch my favourite Japanese love story, Tokyo Cinderella Story. Myself and others would even run from our classroom on the 3rd floor all the way to the common room. Ahh, those days, when I'm 40kg lighter (hehe..).

*Theme song : Meguriai by Chage & Aska

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

10 years after STF

On this coming 19th of July, my fellow 948 Srikandis will be organising the '10-year-after-leaving-STF' reunion in Cyberjaya. I love gatherings and am dying to join them, but unfortunately I'm far away from home. :(

5 years with only girls in the classroom (and of course, in the dormitory) are definitely memories that I won't trade to anything else. We had our fun and laughter (most of the times), sadness and humiliation (to my ever-lasting regret), but of course I've learnt a lot from the bitter-sweet experience growing up from a 12-year-old kid to a 17-year-old young lady.

At this particular moment, I still manage to remember every single memory during my secondary education years in STF; the teachers' faces, the smell of 'nasi lemak' at the dining hall, the day my parcel was torn apart by the notorious monkeys (and ate all my biscuits!), and of course, the people I've met and made friends, in fact my sisters even after 10 years.

To all my 948 sisters, hope you guys will enjoy the reunion. May all disputes resolved, differences put aside, and most of all, may our friendship become stronger and last forever, Insya-Allah.

Love you guys!

Maju, maju, maju, segera maju..... Serikandi Tun Fatimah.