Friday, June 18, 2010

Renee Olsted - A Love That Will Last

I was introduced to her tunes by my younger sister somewhere in 2006, I think. And, this song is my favourite. I'm not really a 'jazz' fanatic, but I do enjoy good songs regardless the genre. Just thought of sharing this video. Enjoy!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


It was a fine Sunday morning, and Q Garden PYO (Pick-Your-Own) is now open for strawberry picking. It is located near Abingdon, 20-minute drive from Headington, Oxford. The system is Pick-Pay-Eat, but we did take 2-3 strawberries each for tasting. We've been here last year, and the fruits are simply marvellous. Even one could swear these are the best strawberries that she ever tasted. Now we could actually tell people, there are such thing as SWEET strawberries. We just can't wait for cherry season to come, and hopefully I will take the time (then) to update this blog on the ever sweet black cherries of Q Garden.

Hays - to protect the strawberries from slugs and snails

2 suspiciously-looking newbies (hehehe)

The Big-Eater of the day. Highly suspicious.

She could have finished the whole basket, if weren't for us taking the strawberries away.

I think this was her 7th strawberry. Just look at her top. (Bijak2, pakaikan anak baju putih)

The newbies caught on camera.

These strawberries looked like tomatoes, don't you think?

Mawaddah finally had enough.

For those who are planning to do some fruit picking this summer, Q Garden is the place to go. You can visit their website from time to time to check on what's available at the Pick-Your-Own garden.

Enjoy your summer, while it still here. :)