Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Assalamualaikum wbt

For someone who actually has a blog, I sure don't write as much as I suppose to. Even my research is not progressing as I wanted it to be, *sigh*. Argghhh... I hate myself.

Anyway, I don't want to (refuse to) talk about my research. I feel like I talked too much about to not actually work on it. So, enough talk, more action please.

Let's talk about address. Yup, address, as in where you reside; your house number, the street, postcode, town, state, country. Why address, you say? It seems nowadays people can just simply write any address without having anyone else validating it. For instance, you can just write any address (as you wish) to acquire a bank account, register for college/university (they might refer to yout MyKad, but even that address is questionable) and even apply for MyKad. I recently applied for a new MyKad (something wrong with the chip), JPN didn't ask me to provide any supporting documents to prove my address. I'm still using my parents' home address and they've been living there since 1986 till now. What if the address is no longer valid? What if the address is no longer ours? I guess it won't be a problem, as they don't seem to care.

We even received a letter from The One Academy, addressed to someone named Lim *** ****, which without doubt, is not part of Wahid's household. The letter was about college fees which yet to be paid by this 'Lim'. Oh well, good luck to One Academy. Hope they're able to find Lim and ask him to pay up and actually provide a valid address.

Back in UK, you have to provide proof of address for most transactions. Utility bills, council tax statements, bank statements, with your full name and coresponding address on it. Such pain in the ass, isn't it? Can't blame them, they're just protecting their interest.

Why not, for once, we adopt something good from them. It's about time, don't you think?

P/S: Benda baik, apa salahnya kan?