Friday, August 14, 2009

Pride & Joy

Yes, it has been a while, and yes, I've changed the layout (not that anyone will notice).

I've been dreading to write a post, but of course, I was not in my creative mode for quite some time (which reminds me I need to look into my research writing soon before the end of this month!).

Oh well, I have so many things to manage. Email accounts (I have 4 email accounts; Yahoo! mail, Hotmail, Brookes mail, UTM webmail), Friendster (almost forgotten), Facebook and of course this blog. I really enjoy using Facebook to re-connect with my old friends and ex-students, and also share their happy moments through the photos in their pages; which also inspired me to write this entry.

One's happiness relies entirely on one's perception of happiness. A new car, job promotion, found love, etc. Being happy is never a bad thing, but don't forget to be thankful and grateful for the happiness. I was touched by this post from my high school junior. It is a good reminder, so thank you Am for the entry. We should not only be thankful when we're happy, we should be thankful for everything. Alhamdulillah. Thank you Allah.

So, for this entry, I would like to share some footage of my (our) pride and joy.

Thank you Allah, for the health, the time and the strength.